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Choosing the Best Feeding Bottle Brush Filament for Baby - MWFilament

More and more families have their own babies. Bottle brushes have been popularized in every family with babies. Choosing a feeding bottle brush with poor quality will cause the filament to be deformed at high temperatures, producing toxic substances that endanger the health of the baby. The recovery is not very good. It is impossible to clean the gap between the bottle and the groove. If it accumulates for a long time, it will produce a lot of bacteria. It is conceivable how important the bottle brush is to the health of every family baby.

Feeding Bottle Brush Filament


Mingwang is a 19 years manufacturer specializing in the production of nylon and PBT brush filament. It has a very professional technical level on the brush filament. The filament has no fluorescent agent and good recovery. It uses pure nylon imported first-line brand raw materials. It can pass the HVHC hazardous substances testing in the European Union, in line with the US FDA food-grade safety test, can pass the EU ROHS environmental testing, to achieve safety, antibacterial, no odor, good smoothness of the hair, good verticality, no deformation, but also The bottle brush filament has an antibacterial function to reduce the growth of bacteria in the bottle, which is more conducive to the cleaning and preservation of the bottle brush.



Feeding Bottle Brush Filament

Choose a good bottle brush to allow your baby to enjoy the mother's love in a non-toxic, safe, clean, bacteria-free feeding bottle.