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Where to Buy Good Quality Steam Brush Filament - MWFilament

Mr. Lin from Guangdong is currently trying to find a steam brush filament manufacturer that requires a strong brush recovery force and good temperature resistance because he has recently received complaints from customers about the replacement of the brush parts of the product. Mr. Lin found a few brush filament manufacturers, did not find a suitable brush filament, and finally contacted Mingwang.

steam brush filament


After knowing the specific situation of Mr. Lin, the salesperson of Mingwang first asked about the requirements of steam brushing, and then sent the sample of Mingwang to Mr. Lin and told him that Mingwang was using automatic high-precision integrated equipment for production. Temperature control accuracy ±1°C, product dimensional stability is better; at the same time there are up to 20 manufacturing processes to ensure product quality is stable.

steam brush filament


Mr. Lin got the sample 2 days later. After routine testing, it was found that Mingwang's product had better recovery performance and the body was straight and tight without any bending; after many tests, Mingwang's steam brush filament temperature resistance met the requirements of Mr. Lin. A few months after using Mingwang products, Mr. Lin reported that he had never received any complaints about brushing and decided to maintain a long-term relationship with Mingwang.