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How To Buy Good Roller Brush Filament? - MWfilament

With the continuous development of the modern machinery industry, the processing industries such as food or agricultural products have bid farewell to the era of artificial hand washing in the era of fruit and vegetable cleaning. The roller brush has replaced the artificial hand washing, and the poor quality roller brush filament has a short service life. The cleaning is not in place, it is easy to lose filament and break the filament, and it produces toxic and harmful substances.

roller brush filament 

Miss Pan from Shenzhen said that she has received an order for a roller brush and needs to order a large number of roller brush filaments. However, the customer requirements are very strict, and the product must meet the US FDA food-grade safety test certification and can pass the EU ROHS no heavy metal environmental protection test. In a friend introduced Guangzhou Mingwang before looking for a week, many large and small manufacturers, middlemen, sent samples all failed to pass the test, and there was no relevant test report. The time is very urgent, it has been wasted for more than a week. If she can't find a kind of suitable roller brush filament in three days, her customer would be looking for other company.

roller brush filament 

After Miss Pan came to the order, we first introduced Ms. Pan to the imported nylon Nylon 610 as the raw material for the roller brush. The specification was 0.2mm white straight hair. The sample was sent the same day. It can be received in two days. After receiving the sample, Miss Pan tested it at the first time and fully met the FDA-approved food safety standards. The product was safe and environmentally friendly and could pass the EU ROHS environmental testing standard. Miss Pan confirmed that the sample was no problem and immediately placed 1000kg, she hope we can deliver in 12 days. In the end, we only delivered in less than 10 days, and the relevant inspection report was sent to Miss Pan together with the delivery.


Miss Pan of Shenzhen said that Guangzhou Mingwang roller brush filament not only pass the relevant test report, but also the diameter of the brush filament is uniform, no blasting, no hair leakage, high efficiency of planting, greatly improving their production capacity. Even employees say good operations. Not only the early delivery to the end customers, but also the end customers to recognize them. Next time she have the opportunity to come to the company personally to visit our company.