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Artificial or Animal? the Best Material For Cosmetic Brush - MWfilament

Make-up bristles are generally divided into two major categories: artificial filament and animal filament. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of animal filament is that it has strong ability to catch powder and is better colored. The disadvantage is that the filament is hard and the rebound elasticity is poor, and the price is relatively expensive. Artificial filament has the advantages of low production cost, variety of colors, stable quality, wide adaptability, stable performance throughout the year, etc. The disadvantage is that the artificial filament grabbing powder is weak and difficult. Color and not easy to clean. So is there a kind of cosmetic bristle that combines the advantages of animal filament and artificial filament? Let me answer for you below.


Cosmetic Brush Filament 

Generally, the cosmetic bristles sold on the market are unstable and may be doped with some recycled materials, waste materials, and sub-brand raw materials. The performance stability of the filament is not guaranteed. Mingwang filaments are processed and produced with new imported raw materials. The stability of the filament satisfies the performance requirements of the cosmetic bristles. In addition, we can also impart antibacterial functions to the filament, and meet the FDA food grade requirements, which is more conducive to the cleaning and preservation of the cosmetic brush.


Cosmetic Brush Filament 

Choosing makeup bristles depends not only on the price, but also on the user's point of view. How to make my customers safe and secure, first-class companies are based on customer needs, and are committed to providing customers with quality products and services. In order to be invincible in many competitive companies. Mingwang has always adhered to the customer-centered principle of thinking for more than 40 countries and regions in the past 19 years. The customer satisfaction rate has reached 99.9%. We will continue to work hard to bring safe and reliable makeup bristles to our customers.