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Secret of Nylon 66 Brush Filament For Baby Hair Brush - MWFilament

In the infants and childhood,the baby grows fast and has a strong metabolism. It is suitable to use the nylon 66 hair comb to stimulate the baby's hair, and promote the blood circulation of the baby's head, which is conducive to the growth of the baby's hair. However, the baby's skull is soft, the front and back squats are not completely closed, the scalp is very thin and delicate, the texture of the adult comb is usually very hard, some of the comb teeth are sharp, it is easy to scratch the baby's scalp, and it is easy to absorb some dust and germs. It's easy for babies to get sick while combing their hair.

Nylon 66 Brush Filament


Mingwang high-quality nylon 66 brush filament is very soft, especially suitable for baby's hair, will not scratch the baby's scalp. At the same time, Mingwang Nylon 66 brush filament can also impart antibacterial function, which can effectively inhibit the adhesion, reproduction and antibacterial durability of golden yellow grape ball, aphid and other bacteria. The antibacterial activity value of the product is more than 2%, against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. The antibacterial rate is as high as 99.5% or more.

Nylon 66 Brush Filament


Mingwang high-quality nylon 66 brush filament is applied to baby head combs, soft bristles, flexible and smooth products, avoiding the brute force pulling phenomenon in the process of ordinary combing and combing, effectively protecting the scalp, and the antibacterial effect of the product is goo, had passed the BOKEN antibacterial test.