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The Application Of Car Wash Brush Filament | MWFilament

With the development of social economy and the improvement of people's living standards, cars have gradually evolved into a kind of popular means of transportation, and now there are more and more car owners who wash their own cars, but how to choose a car wash brush? Poor car wash brush filament will causes color loss during use , and even damage the car.


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What Is Plastic Brush Filament And How To Choose The Best? - Mwfilament

With the development of modern social science and technology, artificial fiber plastic brush filament, namely nylon (PA), PP, PBT, PET, PVC and other plastic filament, these materials have low production cost, diverse colors, stable quality, unlimited length, etc.


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How To Buy Good Roller Brush Filament? - MWfilament

With the continuous development of the modern machinery industry, the processing industries such as food or agricultural products have bid farewell to the era of artificial hand washing in the era of fruit and vegetable cleaning. The roller brush has replaced the artificial hand washing, and the poor quality roller brush filament has a short service life. The cleaning is not in place, it is easy to lose filament and break the filament, and it produces toxic and harmful substances.


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Where to Buy Good Quality Steam Brush Filament - MWFilament

Mr. Lin from Guangdong is currently trying to find a steam brush filament manufacturer that requires a strong brush recovery force and good temperature resistance because he has recently received complaints from customers about the replacement of the brush parts of the product.


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Choosing the Best Feeding Bottle Brush Filament for Baby - MWFilament

More and more families have their own babies. Bottle brushes have been popularized in every family with babies. Choosing a feeding bottle brush with poor quality will cause the filament to be deformed at high temperatures, producing toxic substances that endanger the health of the baby.


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Secret of Nylon 66 Brush Filament For Baby Hair Brush - MWFilament

​In the infants and childhood,the baby grows fast and has a strong metabolism. It is suitable to use the nylon 66 hair comb to stimulate the baby's hair, and promote the blood circulation of the baby's head, which is conducive to the growth of the baby's hair.